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Employment Taxes/Benefits

Employment Taxes & Mandated Benefits
Tax/Benefit Rate/Basis Administering Agency
Unemployment Insurance* .54% to 7.35% based on wages of $9,000/ employee/year; average rates is 1.82% Texas Workforce Commission
(512) 463-2699
Workers’ Compensation Non-mandatory Texas Workforce Commission
(512) 463-2222
Family Leave Upon employee meeting Family Leave criteria – the employer must make available up to 12 weeks of paid and/or unpaid leave during a year Texas Workforce Commission
(512) 463-2222
Source: Texas Workforce Commission (www.twc.state.tx.us/), 2013 Data; as of January 2013
* New employers start at a tax rate of 2.7% or the applicable industry average tax rate for their NAICS, whichever is higher. Employers keep the entry level rate for approximately 18 months.