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Why Us?


The distinctive assets and resources of TexAmericas Center are ready for your business or corporation.

Consider These Benefits:


TexAmericas Center is situated within 500 miles of the geographic and population centers of the United States, and within 200 miles of five major cities.


TexAmericas Center is at the crossroads of major highways and within 300 miles of the Gulf of Mexico. It is within three hours of an international airport with easy access to Texarkana’s regional airport. TexAmericas Center is also near the crossroads of several rail systems, including the Kansas City Southern, Union Pacific and Texas Northern and Northeast Railroads.


TexAmericas Center is convenient to population centers from the Midwest to the Gulf Coast, yet separated from the over-populated, over-developed, over-taxed and over-extended areas where business growth is impeded. This is a setting where commerce can succeed with the strong support of an entire region.

Labor Force

Texarkana, along with surrounding cities and towns, presents TexAmericas Center with an abundant labor supply. The people of the region are value-centered and committed to seeing their communities prosper.

Pro-Business Community

The governments of Texarkana and the northeast region of Texas are known for their collaborative spirit and willingness to work with business — working together not simply to bring business to TexAmericas Center, but to see those businesses thrive here. This spirit of community is drawn from the collaborative skills born from a place served by two cities, two counties and two states.


TexAmericas Center’s first tenants will have the advantage of having no below-standard infrastructure to correct and no air-quality issues to face, allowing for increased sustainability moving forward.

Abundant Resources

Along with the availability of large tracts of land, TexAmericas Center gives access to natural resources, such as water and timber. The region also boasts technological resources derived from local entities and regional institutions such as Texas A&M University’s Texarkana campus.

Economic Stability

Due to a skilled and motivated labor force and low cost of living, staffing produces less of a squeeze on your company’s finances. And area taxes are relatively low, which eases the burden on fiscal growth.

Service-Oriented Management

The Red River Redevelopment Authority (RRRA) is the supervisory board behind TexAmericas Center.

The RRRA was formed in 1997 with a mission of transforming former military property into a valuable land resource for successful industrial development. The RRRA brings together the area’s many mayors and leading business executives to serve as a valuable, service-oriented resource of knowledge and contacts for emerging and expanding businesses locating at TexAmericas Center.

Low-Stress Environment

Local workers are warm, friendly and genuine. The surroundings are beautiful and peaceful, yet energizing. This is a great place to work, play, raise a family and grow your business.

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