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EnviroSafe Demil Relocates, Expands at TexAmericas Center

TexAmericas Center has welcomed its newest Corporate Citizen, demilitarization company EnviroSafe Demil LLC (ESD). To celebrate the company’s relocation from Nevada and expansion on the TexAmericas Center footprint, leaders from both organizations, government officials, and community stakeholders gathered to celebrate during a Business Opening Ceremony.

The ceremony was held on the East Campus at TexAmericas Center, at the site of where will be new facilities to house operations for the demilitarization company.

In place of a ribbon cutting, TexAmericas Center hosted a board cutting to celebrate the multi-million dollars rehab and expansion project.

Federal, state and local leaders were invited and spoke highly of the economic development happening for the Texarkana region thanks to the partnership between TexAmericas Center and EnviroSafe Demil.

“Partnerships like this do a lot more than bring jobs and spur economic development – they provide hope to our citizens — and set examples for how businesses can find a home, support, and growth,” said U.S. Rep. Pat Fallon. “To everyone at EnviroSafe Demil, congratulations and welcome to Texas.”

Rep. Fallon, as well as several other speakers during the event, highlighted the legacy EnviroSafe Demil is now a part of — one that started with the Lone Star Army Ammunition Plant and Red River Army Depot.

“It wasn’t that long ago that men and women in our region were told of the Base Closure and Realignment process that would close Lone Star Army Ammunition Plant and realign Red River Army Depot. Many here wondered how we would bounce back – and how we could continue as a leader in munitions and energetics on behalf of the Department of Defense,” said State Rep. Gary VanDeaver through video message. “It is because of organizations like TexAmericas Center, companies like EnviroSafe Demil, and partnerships between the two that give me confidence that the Texarkana region will continue to grow out of that closure and provide stability for the people here who are so deserving of good jobs.”

Leaders at TexAmericas Center say EnviroSafe Demil defines the innovation the organization seeks in Corporate Citizens.

“EnviroSafe Demil represents the strategic and forward-thinking vision that we strive for at TexAmericas Center,” Norton said. “We are excited to formally welcome and celebrate their relocation to TexAmericas Center, and are excited for the promising impact and growth potential for EnviroSafe Demil and the Texarkana region.”
“We are thrilled to officially establish and celebrate EnviroSafe Demil’s presence in Texarkana,” said President Mike Wentz. “After working with the wonderful team at TexAmericas Center to identify a specific type of site that could accommodate our company’s needs, we are looking forward to having our operations in Texas to support our continued growth. We are excited to be a key part of the defense cluster in the region and the Texarkana community moving forward.”
Demilitarization is the process by which munitions are deactivated, disabled, and rendered safe for final disposition. EnviroSafe Demil’s innovative demilitarization technologies are some of the most environmentally-friendly and cost-effective ammunition demilitarization methods in the industry. The company’s technologies and processes maximize materials recovered from munitions for clean recycling of metals and alloys.

Company Facts:

About EnviroSafe Demil
Based in Hooks, TX, EnviroSafe Demil LLC prides itself on striving to become “America’s Clean Alternative to Open Burning and Open Detonation”. EnviroSafe Demil uses its combination of innovative and environmentally friendly demilitarization, decontamination, and materials recovery systems to provide services to the government and commercial markets.

EnviroSafe Demil seeks to improve the disposal of energentic materials, explosive contaminated items, and munitions in an environmentally-friendly manner. The company is managed by a team of highly experienced defense industry and explosive handling professionals.

The company’s technologies and processes maximize materials recovered from munitions for clean recycling of metals and alloys. EnviroSafe Demil’s innovative demilitarization technologies are some of the most environmentally-friendly and cost-effective ammunition demilitarization methods in the industry.

Company History
Formed in 2018 and originally headquartered in Nevada, EnviroSafe Demil was founded with a mission to be America’s clean alternative to open burning, changing the perception of energetics and explosive materials neutralization.

To achieve their mission, EnviroSafe Demil developed an alternative technology that makes it possible to recycle materials rather than employing open burning, open detonating, or burying hazardous items. All materials are safely processed and filtered through the company’s revolutionary technologies, resulting in little-to-no detectable levels of emissions.

In 2022, EnviroSafe Demil announced the relocation of its corporate headquarters to TexAmericas Center in Texas, owner and operator of one of the largest mixed-use industrial parks in the U.S., a move that represents $20-25 million in investments and bringing approximately $363 million in total contract values to the area. The company is also expected to add new, high-technology careers in the Texarkana region to support its continued growth and expansion.

Areas of Expertise
• Demilitarization Recycling
• Clean Demilitarization Technology
• Energetics Neutralization
• Explosive Materials Neutralization

About TexAmericas Center

Located on the Texas side of the Texarkana metropolitan area, TexAmericas Center owns and operates one of the largest mixed-use industrial parks in the United States. With roughly 12,000 development-ready acres of land and approximately 3.5 million square feet of commercial and industrial product, TexAmericas Center services four states (Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas).

Tenants appreciate an impressive transportation corridor that uses multiple state highways, interstates, air freight, and rail lines to disperse from a central U.S. location. In fact, seven rail lines converge on the Texarkana region TexAmericas Center is host to an on-site rail yard and has over 30 miles of rail running through its properties. TAC Rail services include transload as well as rail car storage and movement.

For the past three years TexAmericas Center has been recognized as a top 10 industrial park in the nation by Business Facilties Magazine, receiving a No. 5 recognition the past two years. It is also a designated US Opportunity Zone, New Market Tax Credit Census Tract, Foreign Trade Zone #258, and a Texas Enterprise Zone. TexAmericas Center has the operating capabilities of a municipality but functions like a traditional real estate development company, offering customized real estate solutions.

Company History
Founded in 1997, TexAmericas Center is a special purpose district, or Local Redevelopment Authority, of the state of Texas. Its mission is to redevelop former military property in Bowie County, Texas. Since its opening, the organization has added companies and organizations big and small to its footprint, including Lockheed Martin, ExpalUSA, Rowe Casa Organics and EnviroSafe Demil.

The 2020’s have been a period of rapid growth and expansion at TexAmericas Center, with the launch of its Third-Party Logistics (3PL) business unit in 2020, and the purchasing of assets from Lone Star Rail Car Storage Co. to expand its rail services, as well as the completion of a 150,000 square foot state-of-the-art speculative building in 2021, the largest built on the property in its history.

Currently, 45 companies are located and operate at TexAmericas Center, the largest amount operating at the industrial park in company history.

Areas of Expertise
• Economic Development
• Site Selection
• 3PL Services
• Rail Services