Commercial Real Estate Professionals

Commercial Real Estate Professionals

Welcome real estate professionals…unlock golden opportunities by partnering with TexAmericas Center

TexAmericas Center works very closely with the commercial real estate community. We value the impact and insight agents have on the area and provide services to assist in their efforts.

TexAmericas Center is a kind of Economic Development Organization (EDO). EDO’s are an important part of the equation for bringing jobs and businesses to a geographic area, be it a city, county or state. They can be agencies established and funded by the government, non-governmental alliances of businesses and institutions working together to bring economic growth to their markets, or a quasi-governmental entity with distinct mission and capabilities.

TexAmericas Center is a state of Texas sanctioned Local Redevelopment Authority. Its purpose is to redevelop former military property in Bowie County, Texas. It functions both as local unit of government and as a private business. TexAmericas Center approves its own zoning, design and contracts. As well, it owns 12,000 acres and 3,000,000sf of commercial space. The organization manages a lease portfolio of over 40 leases with over 30 companies that lease over 800,000sf. TexAmericas Center can perform build-to-suits, provide infrastructure extension and grant incentives. In addition, it maintains relations with partners like the community college so to provide access to training and business funding. It is the ultimate one-stop shop for real estate services. Best of all, TexAmericas Center will pay commissions on projects brought from a brokerage house.

We work closely and confidentially with commercial real estate agents and developers to provide information on sites that might meet the location requirements of your client. Once the specifications for a site are communicated to TexAmericas Center, we research potential locations, on our property, and communicate those options back to the commercial real estate contact. Our team assists in packaging all sites that are submitted along with any other information that is requested. If TexAmericas Center cannot produce the best option, we will assist in a hand off to local real estate professionals and/or our regional economic development team.