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Texarkana Region Site Search Consultants

Texarkana Region Site Search Consultants

We look forward to working with you regarding your client’s business relocation or expansion needs. 

TexAmericas Center and its Regional Economic Development (RED) Team has been called one of the highest performing and most successful Local Redevelopment Authorities in the country.  We offer a “Can-Do” attitude with a focus on speed to market.  Over the past 20 years successes have included:

  • Organized our 12,000 acres into three separate campus’
    • East – 8,900 acres – rail serviced, heavy utilities, 80,000lb truck routes
    • Central – 765 acres – rail serviced, heavy utilities, 80,000lb truck routes
    • West – 2,900 acres – Rural, future development
  • Actively managing a lease portfolio of over 1,000,000 square feet of commercial product
    • Six greenfield developments consisting of over 160,000 square feet
    • Two major redevelopments consisting of over 300,000 square feet
  • Actively managing over 5000 acres of non-RCRA impeded land
    • Removed over 2000 acres from RCRA permit in the last five years
    • 500-acres of shovel ready sites
    • 101-acre certified site
  • Initiated Transload, Rail-Truck, service delivery on property
  • Amenities including:
    • Golf Course
    • On-Site Police, Fire and Emergency Rescue services
    • PX
  • Obtaining incentive offerings including:
    • Foreign Trade Zone #258
    • HUBZone
    • New Market Tax Credits Approved Tract
    • US Opportunity Zone
    • Texas Enterprise Zone
    • Texas Reinvestment Zone
    • Texas Defense Readjustment Zone
    • Payment In Lieu Of Taxes District

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