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A new EXPAL USA facility at Hooks Texas is announced today

This new site, the third the company operates in the US, is devoted to demilitarization activities and will be operational in December 2016.

From its Dallas, TX headquarters, EXPAL USA operates on 3 sites within the United States. The company currently operates a Pyrotechnic Manufacturing facility and a Load, Assemble and Pack facility on a 120-acre site in Marshall, Texas. EXPAL USA also operates a continuous energetics pilot plant— based on twin-screw extruder technology for the manufacturing of high-viscosity explosives and other energetic materials that cannot be mixed by conventional methods, which is located at Camp Minden (the ex-Louisiana Army Ammunition Plant). The third and newest site is now located adjacent to the Red River Army Depot in Hooks, Texas and is dedicated to the demilitarization of ammunition, including cluster bombs and scatterable mines; this facility will be operational in December 2016.
EXPAL USA is the U.S. subsidiary of the European defense company, EXPAL, which owns and operates 10 factories in Europe. EXPAL has more than 40 years of experience in the area of demilitarization— with more than 1,000 different references from the Armed Forces of many countries and NATO, including national and international programs for the eradication of antipersonnel landmines and cluster munitions. EXPAL has demilitarization facilities in Spain, Denmark, Bulgaria, Italy, Belarus, and Brazil and recycles components for reuse in civil industry, including explosives for public works, mining industry, hunting powders, etc.

Last year, EXPAL USA received a $156 million U.S. army contract. This contract was the first step into demilitarization activities in the USA for the company. The EXPAL USA team is able to offer the United States Armed Forces its’ vast experience in this field, as well as in the rest of the products and services that it provides worldwide.

In addition to its demilitarization activities, EXPAL manages the entire lifecycle of ammunitions and explosives— from their design, development, and manufacturing to their destruction at the end of their working life and currently has products in service with the armed services of more than 60 countries.
EXPAL not only manufactures complete weapon systems for Land, Sea and Air Forces, but also manufactures the components for itself and other defense contractors. Expal manufactures gun propellants (including their principle ingredients nitrocellulose and nitroglycerine), projectile bodies and body forgings (including 60mm mortar, 155mm artillery shells and Mk 84 bombs). EXPAL fills its warheads through the process of pressing, melt pour, and cast cure and manufactures its own artillery, mortar and aviation fuses.

EXPAL USA is the US subsidiary of the European defense company, EXPAL . Located in Texas, its main activities are demilitarization, development of new energetics and load assembly and packing operations for conventional ammunition.
EXPAL develops, produces and integrates a wide portfolio of products and services for the defence and security industries. Its clients are Ministries of Defence and armed forced from around the globe, international organisms and other leading defence companies. Currently, EXPAL’s products and services are employed by over 60 countries.
EXPAL is the defense arm of MAXAM, also with sites in USA. Since its formation in 1872 by Alfred Nobel, MAXAM has developed into a leading industrial group for civil explosives and initiation systems for the mining, quarry and construction; hunting cartridges and gunpowder for sporting use.