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Homegrown Success Story: Rowe Casa Organics Triples Space and Potential at TexAmericas Center

Homegrown Success Story: Rowe Casa Organics Triples Space and Potential at TexAmericas Center

TAC Oversees Renovations of 4,700-Square-Foot Facility in Less Than 60 Days

Texarkana, USA (August 20, 2020) – Earlier this year, TexAmericas Center welcomed Rowe  Casa Organics to its industrial park, tripling the space formerly occupied by the natural organics company and providing opportunities for continued job growth and a positive regional economic impact. Today, Rowe Casa leases a 4,700-square-foot building at TexAmericas Center which was completely renovated in just 60 days.

Rowe Casa was started in 2017 by Jill Rowe out of her home to develop holistic, all-natural remedies to keep her family of five healthy. Since that time, word of mouth continues to skyrocket the company’s growth, creating a loyal following of customers eager to share their positive experiences and expand the company’s reach. Today, Rowe Casa offers 160 products and fulfills more than 30,000 orders for customers across the country. What started as a one- woman production now employs almost 40 individuals with open positions being added on an ongoing basis.

As Rowe Casa grew double digits each year, it was critical that it find a location which could meet its capacity needs for both short- and long-term growth.

“TexAmericas Center was absolutely the right fit for us,” said Mike Guzzardo, CEO, Rowe Casa Organics. “What they were able to offer us – and in the timeframe we needed it – was extraordinary. And their creative approach to the lease deal was extremely attractive and absolutely couldn’t be found anywhere else.”

Within just two months of signing the lease, TexAmericas Center invested $250,000 in interior and exterior improvements in the almost-5,000-square-foot building to ensure the facility met necessary FDA compliance guidelines to ramp up production. The upgrades and renovations were completed in just 60 days, and costs were rolled into, and amortized over, the 5-year lease. TexAmericas Center’s creative problem-solving and development expertise made the investment manageable for Rowe Casa while fueling its impressive growth.

“This was an exciting venture for us as it addressed two of our philosophical ideals: helping local businesses grow in our own backyard and making an impact as quickly as possible for the company and for the community,” said Scott Norton, Executive Director/CEO, TexAmericas Center. “Watching Rowe Casa flourish, continue its impressive growth, and positively impacting job growth in the Texarkana region is a win-win-win for Rowe Casa, TexAmericas Center and our community.”

With the recent announcement that TexAmericas Center is the proposed site of the new state- of-the-art regional water treatment system, leaders expect more companies to consider the Texarkana industrial park as an ideal location. Few site choices can match the expansion options, affordability, solid infrastructure, and logistics capabilities offered by TexAmericas Center, which led to its #8 industrial park ranking by Business Facilities magazine earlier this year.

TexAmericas Center’s 12,000 acres and 3 million square feet of space is fully entitled, providing potential tenants of specialized industries options that would be difficult or cost-prohibitive to secure in other regions. Its location in the Texarkana metropolitan area offers an attractive pipeline of talent and a logistics network to rival many larger – and therefore more expensive – urban hubs. TexAmericas Center also offers a unique complement of assets including industrial capacity utilities, interstate access, rail, fiber, and logistics services.

Since May 2014, TexAmericas Center has increased its total leased square footage by 85 percent to more than 1 million square feet. In July, TexAmericas Center announced that Lockheed Martin, a global security and aerospace company employing more than 110,000 people worldwide, will expand operations into a building at the TexAmericas Center in support of a Public/Private Partnership contract with the Red River Army Depot (RRAD).

About TexAmericas Center

Located in the Texarkana metropolitan area, TexAmericas Center (TAC) owns and operates one of the largest mixed-use industrial parks in the United States. With roughly 12,000 development-ready acres of land and about 3 million square feet of commercial and industrial product, TAC services four states (Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas). In 2020, TAC was recently ranked as the #8 industrial park in the country by Business Facilities magazine. It is a designated US Opportunity Zone, HUBZone, New Market Tax Credit Census Tract, Foreign Trade Zone #258 and a Texas Enterprise Zone. TAC has the operating capabilities of a municipality but functions like a traditional real estate development company, offering customized real estate solutions.

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