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Lionchase Holdings Inc. to build a $20-plus Million Frigitek Facility

Texarkana, AR-TX, March 22, 2018– TexAmericas Center’s Board of Directors approved agreement documents with Lionchase Holdings, INC., a privately-held asset management firm, at its board meeting on Tuesday, February 27th. Lionchase Holdings, Inc., has agreed to build a 200,000-square foot cold storage facility on TexAmericas Center (TAC), one of the largest mixed use industrial parks in the United States with over 12,000 acres. The project is expected to create a minimum of 100 permanent, full-time jobs and a bring a minimum of $20 Million investment.

“This cold storage project will result in good jobs for the greater Texarkana region,” said Boyd Sartin, Chairman of the TexAmericas Center Board of Directors,
“TexAmericas Center is remaining focused on the organization’s vision to create 12,000 jobs for this region, and we are excited to take another big step towards this goal.”

Lionchase Holdings’ proposal includes a state-of-the-art cold storage facility with Frigitek and energy-saving technologies. Building features include: 55’ ceilings, over 135,000 sf of refrigeration and freezer floor space, dry storage, blast freezing, pre-cooling, and 3PL processing and packaging services. The facility will service the public and be professionally managed by cold storage industry specialists.
“The exciting element of this cold storage project is the spurred interest it will create among other linked industries within the food processing cluster who need access to cold storage supply chain services,” said Scott Norton, Executive Director / CEO for TexAmericas Center, “We anticipate that this development will attract additional leads from food processors, manufacturers and distributors to locate to the greater Texarkana region.”

Ken Brown, managing partner of Lionchase Holdings, INC., toured the TexAmericas Center property in November and chose a site on the TAC East Campus at 650 Lamar Street. The project and site visit was a direct result from Eric Voyles, Executive Vice President and Chief Economic Development Officer for TexAmericas Center, marketing the property at the 2017 Business Facilities executive conference, LiveXchange.

“We have really focused on increasing our marketing efforts during the past year; As a result, we have seen an increase in leads and site visits to the footprint. Our next step in moving this project forward will be to market the available cold storage space to businesses and highlight our concept for a 500 Acre TexAmericas Center Food Processing Park.”

Eric Voyles, Executive Vice President / CEDO for TexAmericas Center

Construction for the cold storage facility is slated to start this fall with a planned completion timeline of 18 months for the new facility. The anticipated start of Operations will be by December 31, 2019. Lionchase will be represented by Chris Copenhaver, SIOR with Cushman and Wakefield, a leading global real estate services firm. Mr. Copenhaver, who is the North American Co-Lead for the Food & Beverage Advisory Practice Group within the Logistics & Industrial Services Platform of Cushman & Wakefield, has begun marketing efforts to pre-lease the cold storage facility. Interested companies should contact Mr. Copenhaver directly at the Atlanta office. Additionally, TexAmericas Center will initiate an email campaign focused on a targeted list of companies and other location advisors within the cold storage supply chain and site selection industries.

About TexAmericas Center
Located in the Texarkana metropolitan area, TexAmericas Center owns and operates one of the largest mixed use industrial parks in the United States. With roughly 12,000 development ready acres of land and about 3 million square feet of commercial and industrial product, TexAmericas Center services the four states (Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas) markets. Texas is the #1 state for business in the United States of America because of its regulatory environment, tax policies, and workforce quality along with exceptional educational resources, infrastructure, and quality of living. Founded in 1997, TexAmericas Center has the operating capabilities of a municipality but functions more like a traditional real estate development company, offering customized real estate solutions. In addition to controlling our own zoning and permitting processes and sustaining the life cycle of public infrastructure on the complex, TAC has the capability to lease, build-to-suit, or facilitate Greenfield owner-constructed projects in a timely and efficient manner. At TAC, we streamline leasing and manage government development processes all through a single point of contact. Our customers benefit from faster market entry by resolving zoning, permitting, inspection, and state and local incentive programs solely through our organization. Additionally, the Texas Economic Development Council (TEDC) designated a 101 acre site on TexAmericas Center’s central campus as the first S.T.A.R. Site in Texas (Sites That Are Ready for construction to begin), advancing speed to market for our customers. Tenants of TexAmericas Center tend to be private business owners and corporations seeking flexible and cost effective space solutions.
If you would like more information about this topic or TexAmericas Center, please contact Eric Voyles at 903.223.9841 or via email

About Lionchase Holdings
Lionchase Holdings, Inc. is a privately-held asset management firm that focuses on the growth of microcap and small-cap firms with yearly revenues up to $50MMUSD. Segment focus of the firm is technology, manufacturing, and power generation. The firm was founded in Washington, D.C. and leverages its understanding of regulatory policy to identify key investment opportunities. Lionchase has a global view of technology investment. The mission of Lionchase is to improve the value of industrial sector companies via innovation, new markets, and management expertise. Its core investment strategy is linked to Return on Assets (ROA) and achieving growth by repositioning assets within high growth markets. The team is proud of its commitment to U.S. job creation and strategies it employs to enhance the value and talent of its workforce. Lionchase has a broad range of interests that coupled with our financial and operational expertise will result in a win-win. Listed below are our main focuses, but please do not hesitate to reach out even if your interests do not fit completely in one of the below mentioned categories:
• Solar
• Infrastructure
• Power Generation
• Energy Management
• Building Management Technology
• Energy Efficiency Technology
• Cloud Technology