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Schimming Company Commercial Real Estate agent receives commission check

Texarkana, AR-TX, October 3, 2017– TexAmericas Center (TAC) has a new tenant on their Central Campus, resulting from a partnership with local realtor Landon Huffer of Schimming Company Commercial Real Estate. Mr. Huffer introduced El Dorado Glass and Mirror Co., Inc. to TexAmericas Center in August of this year. The TexAmericas Center Board of Directors was able to then approve a lease for El Dorado Glass at their board meeting on Tuesday, August 22nd for approximately 4,750 square feet. The lease term will be for a period of twelve (12) months, commencing on September 1, 2017 and will terminate on the 31st day of August, 2018.

At the most recent board meeting on September 26, 2017, Boyd Sartin, Chairman of the TexAmericas Center Board of Directors, presented Landon Huffer of Schimming Company Commercial Real Estate with a commission check for $665.00. Mr. Huffer’s efforts in locating El Dorado Glass & Mirror Company were recognized at the meeting and the board thanked him for his partnership. TexAmericas Center offers a commission for leads that result in signed lease agreements. In 2016, TAC presented Mike Kelly of Texarkana Legacy Group with a commission check for $1,803.62 for a signed lease agreement with VSE Corporation.

“We appreciate our partnership with Schimming Company Commercial Real Estate, and we hope to continue to work with Mr. Huffer to bring more tenants to TexAmericas Center.”

Boyd Sartin, Chairman of the TexAmericas Center Board of Directors

The Executive Vice President and Chief Economic Development Officer for TexAmericas Center, Eric Voyles, has made it a point to proactively engage local commercial realtors by sending out a monthly email with TexAmericas Center’s available buildings and sites listed—called the “Hot Sheet”. Mr. Voyles has taken the time to add realtors to the running list over the last few years as he meets or becomes aware of new contacts. TexAmericas Center utilizes several additional marketing listings to promote their available properties and sites, including but not limited to: the Commercial Real Estate sites: CoStar and Loopnet, The Right Corner of Texas’ property database, and TexAmericas Center’s internal property database. Local realtors continue to be a proven, valuable option for leads amongst these marketing efforts.

“Our local realtors are often the first point of contact for businesses looking to grow, expand, or seeking a new site in the greater Texarkana market,” said Eric Voyles, Executive Vice President / CEDO for TexAmericas Center, “TexAmericas Center wants to be an option for these realtors and businesses, and we will continue to partner with real estate companies who have applicable leads.”

In order to offer a more attractive and competitive building option, TexAmericas Center will complete a renovation on 175 Arkansas Avenue for El Dorado Glass and Mirror Company by the middle of this month. The renovation will include electrical upgrades, new paint, and new flooring. El Dorado Glass and Mirror Co., Inc. is currently headquartered in El Dorado, AR and will be performing on-site aluminum storefront and curtain wall fabrication, glass storage, and overhead door storage. The company is expected to create 5 jobs and invest $250,000.

If you would like more information about this topic or TexAmericas Center, please contact Eric Voyles, Executive Vice President/CEDO at (903)223-9841 or via Email

About TexAmericas Center:
Located in the Texarkana metropolitan area, TexAmericas Center owns and operates one of the largest mixed-use industrial parks in the United States. With more than 12,000 acres of land and about 3 million square feet of commercial and industrial product, TexAmericas Center services the four states (Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas) market. TexAmericas Center has the operating capabilities of a municipality but functions more like a traditional real estate development company. In addition to controlling its’ own zoning and permitting processes, it also sustains the lifecycle of the public infrastructure on the complex. TAC has the capability to lease, build-to-suit, or facilitate Greenfield, owner-constructed projects in a timely and efficient manner. At TAC, we streamline leasing and manage government development processes, all through a single point of contact. Our customers benefit from faster market entry by resolving zoning, permitting, inspection, and state and local incentive programs through our organization alone. Additionally, the Texas Economic Development Council (TEDC) designated a 101 acre site on TexAmericas Center’s central campus as the first S.T.A.R. Site in Texas (Sites That Are Ready for construction to begin), advancing speed to market for our customers. Tenants of TexAmericas Center tend to be private business owners and corporations seeking flexible, timely and cost effective space solutions.