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Relocate Business to Texarkana Region


We understand that economic development and job growth follow utility investment, and that excess capacity is a requirement. TexAmericas Center is well-served by industrial grade utilities with excess capacity to its sites at rates that are up to 40% below the national average. Our utility providers are responsive to the growing industries in the area and have shown a willingness to work with new and expanding customers to perform timely upgrades to meet utility needs.


TexAmericas Center’s electric provider is AEP/SWEPCO. Currently, 3-phase, 12kv distribution lines and four substations serve TexAmericas Center property. Each substation is connected to a 69kv transmission line and has a design capacity of 20MW with excess capacity of approximately 10MW per substation. An additional 138kv and two 345kv lines are adjacent to TexAmericas Center, allowing potential upgrades up to 350MW. AEP is responsive to the growing industries in the area and has shown a willingness to work with new and expanding customers to perform timely upgrades to meet its customers electrical needs.

Rates for electricity are 60% of the national average. Click here to see a comparison of TexAmericas Center’s rates to the national average and those of major US cities.


Riverbend Water Resource District (RWRD) is TexAmericas Center’s water provider. RWRD currently contracts with Texarkana Water Utilities (TWU) to supply water to TexAmericas Center. TWU’s current water plant has a design capacity of 36 MGD with an excess capacity of 20 MGD. A 30” transmission line that can deliver 4 MGD connects Texarkana to New Boston, Texas. TexAmericas Center’s current pumps pull 1.7 MGD of water from the line, leaving 2.3 MGD of excess capacity in the line.

RWRD recently announces a $200 million investment in a new, 30 MGD regional water system that will be located on TexAmericas Center property. This state-of-the-art water system will allow TexAmericas Center to expand existing companies and attract new tenants without concerns surrounding water treatment needs and availability. Raw water will also be available. Long range planning calls for full plant expansion up to 90 MGD.

Sanitary Sewer

RWRD is also the provider of sanitary sewer services to all TexAmericas Center.  It maintains the sanitary sewer collection system serving approximately 6,000 acres of industrial and light manufacturing facilities.  These lines range in size from 8” to 18” and include several lift stations and force mains.  The wastewater plant servicing TAC has a current capacity of 1.5 MGD and is expandable to 2.25 MGD. 


Navitas Utility Corporation, which contracts through Enable Gas Transmission, is TexAmericas Center’s gas supplier. Enable’s interstate transmission pipeline that connects Texas to Arkansas runs adjacent to TexAmericas Center, north of U.S. Highway 82. This Interstate pipeline is a 10,” 220 psi high pressure natural gas line. There is potential for substantial upgrades if customer demand exceeds current capacity.


Conterra Networks provides a data center-quality fiber network to TexAmericas Center and has extended a 144-strand fiber line onto or adjacent to all its campuses. Conterra offers high bandwidth at competitive rates with 100+ gigabyte upload and download speeds available.